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    A Pterygium (carnosidad) is a fleshy growth that extends onto the clear surface of the eye. Sun and wind exposure are the main causes, which makes them very common in the Rio Grande Valley.

    They are unsightly and can cause scarring which harms your vision. The Eye Experts specialize in stitch-free removal of the pterygium, in a way that prevents regrowth in more than 95% of patients.

    The growth could show up on one eye or both. When it affects both it’s known as bilateral pterygium. Symptoms may not occur other than the growth. However, when symptoms do occur the common tend to be

    Preventing pterygium may be possible by limiting your exposure to ultraviolet light (like the sun). Other elements such as wind and dust can contribute to the growth. The best defense, if any, would be choosing to wear sunglasses or other protective lenses for your eyes when you are exposed to such elements.

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