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We believe giving our patients in the Rio Grande Valley the very best care, whether that’s with our doctors or our technicians. That is why our technicians at The Eye Experts are Certified Ophtalmic Assistant. Call today set up your appointment for an eye exam!

What to expect at your appointment:

Before you arrive:

  • Our staff will verify your insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid information.
  • We will let you know if you need to bring someone to drive you home – if you have had a surgical procedure, or if your exam includes dilating drops your vision will be too blurry to drive that day.

Bring with you:

  • Your glasses
  • List of medications
  • Means to make the copayment, if your coverage has a copay.


  • You will be welcomed by our certified technicians.
  • Be sure to tell them what your eyes are seeing or feeling!
  • They will do some of the testing to get all your information ready for the doctor.
  • Checking your glasses strength, testing eye pressure for glaucoma, helping find a good lens for you as you read the eye charts with different lenses tried in – these are a few of the exam procedures our technicians may guide you through.

Doctor Exam:

  • The doctor will review all the information and tests, perform a more detailed eye exam, and talk to you about your diagnosis.
  • Prescriptions, if needed, will be sent electronically to your pharmacy.
  • Procedures or surgeries require planning and another appointment on a later day.


  • Wear some sunglasses to protect your eyes from the light as the dilating drops wear off
  • Fill any prescriptions and take as directed
  • Order new glasses if your glasses prescription has changed
  • Schedule another visit for followup or surgical procedures
  • – or if all is well – See you next year!


Are you making an appointment because you are experiencing dry eye symptoms? Please, take the time to watch this video while you wait for your appointment to be scheduled.


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